Apr 25, 2011

K2 Refresh Raises $4,426.14 for Clean Water!

During World Water Week, we wrote about students from K2 the Church who participated in an event called "Refresh."  This event helped raised money for 3for5’s latest water project in Nigeria.

Highlights included packing thousands of meals for Kids Against Hunger to feed people in the Philippines; visiting a fellow student in the hospital; fasting and praying for people without clean water; and making a 4,100+ link paper-chain as a tangible reminder of the number of children who will die in a single day from diseases caused by dirty water.

Overall, the K2 students helped raised $4,426.14 for clean water!  Vertical students and leaders: thank you for your sacrifice and inspiration!

Olympus Junior High Students Inspire!

Students at Olympus Jr. High School (OJH) in Salt Lake City, UT were inspired by their teacher Sarah White to sell handmade Threads of Hope bracelets to help give water to students in Nigeria. In addition to raising money to support the people who made the bracelets, OJH students brought in $1,321.25 for water! Their efforts were so rewarding that students want to focus on raising funds monthly for the rest of the school year. Thank you and way to go, OJH students!