Oct 9, 2011

Celebrating News from Nigeria!

This past spring, 3for5 funded half of a $20,000 water project at Sancta Maria School in Umuaka, Nigeria. Now, we’re excited to report that this project is fully complete!

3for5’s grant made the school’s new borehole well accessible to 1500+ students and teachers, as well as thousands of community members. In addition, your donations provided hygiene eduction materials for use in the school, along with sufficient funding to build a new bathroom building complete with running water and flushing toilets.

To see more details about this project, including 3for5 partner Millennium Water Alliance’s final report and a video from the project site, click here.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible project - these events wouldn’t have been possible without your generous financial support.

More to come...

The 3for5 Team

MWA Final Report for the Sancta Maria School WASH Project

Project/Program Description
Eagle of Hope, Inc., a non-profit corporation with principal office at 8616 Lugano Road, Box 1004, Randallstown, MD 211333, under a subgrant from Millennium Water Alliance, Washington, DC, executed an agreement to build a fully-functional water and sanitation project, with a hygiene education component, at the site of the Sancta Maria School in Umuaka, Nigeria. Until this project’s completion, the school had no on-site supply of clean drinking water with washing stations or flush toilets. A building was constructed to house separate restroom facilities for men and women, for the use of teachers and children at the school. A borehole well had been previously completed by Eagle of Hope; this subgrant was to allow Eagle of Hope to conduct water testing in compliance with state standards, and to complete the facility and provide instruction on hygiene to teachers for use with students at the school.

Sancta Maria School Project Final Report Video from 3for5 Foundation.

Requirements for the Project
The following specific contracted deliverables were completed on site:

  • 2 washing stations, 6 latrines with toilet paper dispensers, and space/hardware for hand drying
  • Completed water safety and quality tests prior to further infrastructure expenditures, and submission of verified documentation of the testing results to MWA
  • Acquisition, transportation and preparation of necessary material for the construction and safe operation of all components - housing for the latrines and sinks (including doors, windows, locks, roofing, paint, and hardware for operability), water tanks, plumbing, pump(s), generators, electrical connections
  • Labor to be provided by qualified contractors under the supervision of EOH; MOU, and final photographs of the completed project
  • Hygiene education materials for use in the school
  • Cooperation with Catholic Relief Services in the event they are able and willing to do site visit(s) at some point, and offer any advice or assistance
  • Appropriate communication by EOH with school and relevant local officials as the work progressed.

BeneficiariesDirect beneficiaries of the Eagle of Hope WASH program are the students and teaching staff at Sancta Maria Nursery, Primary and Secondary School.  In total, this population includes:
  • Nursery/Primary School
    • Student Population: 800 (375 male students; 425 female students)
    • Teaching staff: 23 (2 male teachers and 21 female teachers.)
  • Secondary School
    • Student Population: 640 (315 male students; 325 female students) 
    • Teaching Staff: 42 (14 male teachers; 28 female teachers)
  • Indirect Beneficiaries
    • Sancta Maria Catholic parish population
    • Umuaka community local market
    • Over 2,000 individuals from nearby and outside communities.

Narrative Statement by EOH
On May 9, 2011, the tested water sample passed all parameters for inspection and was deemed as suitable drinking water within the Nigerian standard. I notified MWA who gave me permission to start the project. Prior to this time I had a meeting with the school committee and explained to them the budget to finish the project, they were grateful with MWA and Eagle of Hope for efforts in bringing them the WASH program in their school. On the final day, general sanitation and hygiene education in the use of adequate water for washing hands and cleaning up was taught to the school students, teachers, and staff. The principle of the school and the school committee thanked MWA and Eagle of Hope and signed off on the successful completion of the project.
- Sabinus Anadyke, Founder and Director of Eagle of Hope, Inc. (edited)

Further Notes
MWA is re-vamping its website in August and early September, and will include a feature on Sancta Maria School project and The 3for5 Foundation’s critical assistance in completing it.  The $10,000 provided by 3for5 Foundation was disbursed to Mr. Anadyke in two installments - $6,000 at the beginning of the second phase and $4,000 after the project’s completion.