Apr 27, 2010

Support 3for5 with our new Capital One Visa Card!

3for5, Capital One, and Visa have teamed up to raise money for clean-water by creating a new 3for5 Visa credit card (issued by Capital One).

This is an exciting partnership because Capital One will pay a portion of your credit card purchases directly to 3for5! Plus, just by signing-up, 3for5 will immediately receive $50 from Capital One.

Here's how it all works:
  1. Go to CapitalOne's CardLabConnect website here, and signup for the 3for5 Foundation Card.

  2. Use your new card whereever you would normally. 2% of your grocery and gas purchases; 1% of all other purchases; and 10% of purchases at select merchants will be donated directly to 3for5 by Capital One.

  3. 3for5 gets $50 from Capital One whenever someone signs up.
Now, to be clear, this is benefiting Capital One & Visa. After all, they're getting your credit card business (and it's obviously worth $50 plus somewhere between 1% and 10% of all your charges to get you as a customer).
Plus, we should be clear that all of your credit card "point earnings" accrued by using this card will be donated to 3for5. That's a pretty big deal for some people, because it means you won't be accumulating "cash back" or "travel rewards" as you use your credit card.
However, 3for5 will, which is a great benefit to our organization.
So, if you want a way to make easy donations to 3for5 without even thinking about; and if you want to help spread the word about 3for5 and clean-water every time you hand your card to a store clerk or pull it out of your wallet when you're with friends; then this card may be the right fit for you.
Thanks for helping us get clean water to those who need it most.

LTU.edu Video Contest

Over the last few months, students from Lawrence Technological University (ltu.edu) have been competing in a university-organized contest to produce 3o-second PSA videos that will help spread the word about 3for5 and our mission to help people get clean water.

Well, the results are in.

Congratulations to John, Jaun, Megan and the rest of team who took first prize (a $1,000 scholarship each to Lawrence Tech) with the creation of the "IT" campaign. View the winning video below.

At 3for5, we are honored to have Lawrence Tech faculty, staff and students embrace our vision through this contest. Not only is this kind of thing exactly what 3for5 is all about--grass roots activities for clean water happening in addition to our formal efforts inside the 3for5 Movement--but this was a great opportunity to get budding media students some real-world experience in helping a client (3for5 in this case) craft a targeted, useful, multi-media message.

Thanks again to ltu.edu!!

Last but not least, here are some links to the other submissions: