Apr 27, 2010

Support 3for5 with our new Capital One Visa Card!

3for5, Capital One, and Visa have teamed up to raise money for clean-water by creating a new 3for5 Visa credit card (issued by Capital One).

This is an exciting partnership because Capital One will pay a portion of your credit card purchases directly to 3for5! Plus, just by signing-up, 3for5 will immediately receive $50 from Capital One.

Here's how it all works:
  1. Go to CapitalOne's CardLabConnect website here, and signup for the 3for5 Foundation Card.

  2. Use your new card whereever you would normally. 2% of your grocery and gas purchases; 1% of all other purchases; and 10% of purchases at select merchants will be donated directly to 3for5 by Capital One.

  3. 3for5 gets $50 from Capital One whenever someone signs up.
Now, to be clear, this is benefiting Capital One & Visa. After all, they're getting your credit card business (and it's obviously worth $50 plus somewhere between 1% and 10% of all your charges to get you as a customer).
Plus, we should be clear that all of your credit card "point earnings" accrued by using this card will be donated to 3for5. That's a pretty big deal for some people, because it means you won't be accumulating "cash back" or "travel rewards" as you use your credit card.
However, 3for5 will, which is a great benefit to our organization.
So, if you want a way to make easy donations to 3for5 without even thinking about; and if you want to help spread the word about 3for5 and clean-water every time you hand your card to a store clerk or pull it out of your wallet when you're with friends; then this card may be the right fit for you.
Thanks for helping us get clean water to those who need it most.

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