Apr 27, 2010

LTU.edu Video Contest

Over the last few months, students from Lawrence Technological University (ltu.edu) have been competing in a university-organized contest to produce 3o-second PSA videos that will help spread the word about 3for5 and our mission to help people get clean water.

Well, the results are in.

Congratulations to John, Jaun, Megan and the rest of team who took first prize (a $1,000 scholarship each to Lawrence Tech) with the creation of the "IT" campaign. View the winning video below.

At 3for5, we are honored to have Lawrence Tech faculty, staff and students embrace our vision through this contest. Not only is this kind of thing exactly what 3for5 is all about--grass roots activities for clean water happening in addition to our formal efforts inside the 3for5 Movement--but this was a great opportunity to get budding media students some real-world experience in helping a client (3for5 in this case) craft a targeted, useful, multi-media message.

Thanks again to ltu.edu!!

Last but not least, here are some links to the other submissions:

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