Oct 7, 2009

New Updates to the 3for5 Network Browser

Haven't browsed around your 3for5 Network lately?

Well give it another go, because we've made some updates to the Network Browser to help you get around and be more productive when it comes to helping spread the word about clean water.

New Facebook & Twitter Buttons
We've added Facebook and Twitter buttons on your 3for5.org My-Network page so you can tell all your friends that you just donated for clean water. Plus, when you invite a new friend to participate with you on 3for5, you can share that as well.

3for5 Friends Handout
We've received a lot of feedback wondering if we could produce something that droplets could "give" to their friends when they sit down and discuss 3for5, clean water, and making a difference in a personal way. Our first response is the "3for5 Friends Handout", which can be found on the 'Add a Friend' popup in the NetworkBrowser. For posterity, you can also link directly to that document here.

Network-Browser Tutorial Video
To help you make the most of the updated 3for5 Network Browser, we've created a new screen-cast that guides you through some of the most important features of the 3for5.org Network Browser. Watch and enjoy here (and feel free to let us know if you think our narrator sounds like the guy who speaks in the PBS FrontLine videos).

New Tools Section
You'll notice a new rectangle at the bottom of the Network Browser that says, "Rollover Here for Helpful Tools". Inside this box are convenient links to the 3for5 Friends Handout, the Network-Browser tutorial video, and the 3for5 support page.


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