Dec 7, 2009

Help 3for5 Give 1,100 People Clean Water!

Over the past few weeks, 3for5 has been competing to win $25,000 in the Chase Community Giving contest on Facebook. The idea is simple: the 100 charities with the most votes on Facebook will win $25,000 each!!

The really cool thing is if 3for5 wins, we'll use 100% of the $25,000 to fund clean water projects in the developing world! This would mean clean water for more than 1,100 people—and all it takes is a simple click on Facebook to make it happen.

The contest ends December 11th, so act fast and help us help others with 2 easy steps:

1.) Click here to vote on Facebook.

2.) Help us win this contest by telling your friends (especially on Facebook) about how their vote can help 1,100 people get clean water.

Thanks again for your help!

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