Feb 22, 2010

Alexis Fedor has a Great Idea!

Creativity unleashed...it's a beautiful thing and it's what Alexis Fedor is encouraging with her new company which is hoping to bring attention to charities and great causes by engaging the artistic community.

When I met Alexis a few weeks ago, I loved her company's vision:
"...we will hold weekly t-shirt design contests. You [the community] will design the shirts, you will pick the winners, we will donate up to 50% of all profits to charity. Because every drop counts. If you are an artist with interesting work (painting, poetry, photography, wordage, all-around great, creative person) or a charity helping to foster incredible change, let us feature you!"
I resonate with Alexis about more than our common belief that "every drop counts." From the very beginning of 3for5, I've always believed that artists will play a major role in helping to spread awareness about people in need of clean water. Why? Because artists' creations (objects, ideas, music, and more) capture our hearts and minds, engaging us in ways that nothing else can. And for the last two years of 3for5, artists have been integral to the 3for5 Movement and will continue to be as we keep trying to unite communities to help others in need.

That's why it was so great to meet Alexis. She's an artist who is creating...and interviewing other people who are innovating in the charitable and artistic community.

Ok, Ok--it does just-so-happen that Alexis interviewed me on her blog recently (shameless plug: why i started 3for5). But she's talking to many, many incredible people who will inspire you through their creativity in the charitable space.

Alexis: we at 3for5 can't wait until the t-shirt competitions begin--creativity unleashed can do amazing things!

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