Mar 8, 2010

Improvements to

We've added some new and updated pages to Here are the details...

News Page
Our News page will supplement this blog and act as a repository for external news about and the 3for5 Movement. Read more here:
Images, Handouts, and Media
We've added a "media" page where you can download regular and high-res versions of various 3for5 images and handouts. See more here:

3for5 Launch Gatherings
For those new to the 3for5 Movement, we've detailed one more way you can engage your family and friends in a dialog about the clean water crisis: invite them over for a 3for5 Launch Gathering to kick off your wave. Download our 3for5 Launch Gathering packet, and learn more here:

Projects & Progress Page
Last, but certainly not least, we've revamped our Project & Progress page to keep you better informed about the projects we're funding. Have a look here:

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